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About World Impressions

Source Map, Inc. publishes and distributes the World Impressions™ brand of illustrated map products. Source Map publishing company is situated in Tracyton, Washington, a little Puget Sound community of the Pacific Northwest. Since 1985, the lofty goal of its founders have been to produce the most informative, attractive and interesting, historical, hand-illustrated maps, guides, puzzles and derivative gift products for the Gift/Toy, Tourism, Sports, Education and Fundraising markets.

Unlike other aesthetic, eclectic publishers, World Impressions™ products do not rely on simplistic graphics to build a map. To earn the World Impressions™ ArtMap™ title, map subject matter must first meet our stringent proprietary acceptance criteria.

Next, the subject matter must undergo years of detailed historical research including consultation with recognized authorities. Once the large body of textual and graphical research is finalized, it is then artistically rendered, composed and integrated onto a base map of multi-layered geography mapping.

This entire process can take up to five or more YEARS!

World Impressions™ ArtMap™ map products reveal pride in publishing for only original, in-house concepts and themes. To imitate, copy or plagiarize the work of another map company, is not our policy.

We appreciate your interest in our company and its products. Your comments are valued and welcome.

 Thank you for visiting our website.


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