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Alaska AdventureTM Promotion

The ALASKA AdventureTM ArtMapTM offers Tourist Attractions of all types one of the most POWERFUL and COST EFFECTIVE ways to advertise in the State of Alaska. Here's why:

  • The Anchorage Convention & Visitor Bureau uses the Guide Map to attract both CONVENTIONS and CONVENTIONEERS to ALASKA.
  • Destination Planners use the Guide Map to encourage conventioneers to attend their convention.
  • Other Alaskan attractions that advertise on the ALASKA AdventureTM ArtMapTM will be advertising your attraction!
  • BEST OF ALL.... The ALASKA AdventureTM promotion is designed to be ZERO NET COST! We do this by giving enough FREE ALASKA AdventureTM ArtMApsTM and ALASKA AdventureTM Jigsaw Puzzles to each advertiser to cover MORE than the cost of map insertion!