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ALASKA AdventureTM Promotion
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WELCOME to the most attractive and value-packed guide map promotion ever created for ALASKA and ANCHORAGE!
This is a bold claim, but it is true. Just compare these powerful benefits to ANY OTHER PROMOTION of ALASKA and ANCHORAGE.... then you decide for yourself!
Two Ways to Attract Tourists
Logo Ad on the
Alaska AdventureTM ArtMapTM
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Anchorage AdventureTM AD Guide
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Anchorage AdventureTM Guide Map Description
The ALASKA & ANCHORAGE AdventureTM guide maps are printed on a 22" x 34" sheet, back to back, then folded down to 8" x 10" magazine size. When folded down, the front cover of the circular has a beautiful scene of Anchorage (at right) and features a banner promoting a coming convention attraction. The back cover  of the circular features custom imprinted information that promotes a specific convention bannered on the front cover.
Back cover Front cover
Circulation: 100,000 copies
V.C.B., Conventioniers, Convention Planners, Local Merchants, Corporate Advertisers
The ANCHORAGE AdventureTM guide map side is surrounded by 14 display advertiser spots. The guide map also features six additional advertisers who desire a local spot light by having their "adventure" identified has one of six Anchorage AdventuresTM.
Alaska AdventureTM
On the reverse side of the ANCHORAGE AdventureTM guide map is the beautiful ALASKA AdventureTM ArtMapTM that features scores of exciting and interesting things to see and do in Alaska.

No other Alaska / Anchorage circular offers more!

Two Ways to Attract Tourist

Logo Ad on the Alaska AdventureTM ArtMapTM
and / or
Display Ad on the Anchorage AdventureTM
AD Guide
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